February 22

An Hour of Quiet Observation

After a two-mile hike on snowshoes, I finally reached my campsite behind Chatham Lake. I hadn’t been to this site since two winters ago. The temperature was 15°Below on the Fahrenheit scale and a north-west wind was blowing all morning, making it important to try and stay out of the wind. I took my folding.

April 8

Dehydration – Where to Find Water in the Wild

Hello YouTubers! This is Muskrat Jim, and today I want to talk about DEHYDRATION. A healthy adult can survive up to three weeks without food, but only about three days without water. Your body needs a minimum of 2 quarts per day, more if you’re exerting yourself or if the weather is hot or dry..

April 8

BEAVER FEVER: Pocket Water Filters and Aqua Tabs Demo

Good day YouTubers! Muskrat Jim here and today I want to talk about “Beaver Fever”, what it is and how to prevent it.  We’re also going to talk about pocket-sized water filters and chemical tablets you can use to filter and disinfect drinking water.  And finally, I’ll demonstrate the filter and tablets that I carry whenever.

April 8

Food for 72-Hour Emergency

Emergency Preparedness experts (EMO Canada, FEMA and RED CROSS) all recommend that we keep adequate non-perishable food and water supplies in our home for a 72-hour period in case of disasters. The most likely scenario would be a storm knocking out the electricity which our society has become increasingly dependant on these last few generations..

April 7

Snow Shelters

As I look out my window and see the first significant snowstorm of the season, it makes me want to discuss the important topic of snow shelters. Living in Canada, one is reminded that hypothermia can kill you in the summer as well as in winter. Hypothermia is defined as having a core body temperature.

April 7

Tarp Project: Shelter for Bivy Sack

(Link to Bivy Sack Project) Make this versatile and inexpensive tarp shelter for your Bivy Sack. SHELTER FOR BIVY SACK I like to sit sheltered with my back against a tree, so I’ve designed this shelter in that fashion. Also, this shelter only uses one tree so you can easily position it to protect you.

April 7

Tarp Project: Bivy / Hammock / Cot

Below are the plans for a versatile and inexpensive tarp project you can make. BIVY SACK / HAMMOCK / COT The items you’ll need for this project are: – 8’x10′ polyethylene camo tarp – 20′ mason line (or bank line) – 50′ para-cord – 16′ poly rope – duct tape – heavy thread – about.

April 7

Food Inflation, Food Shortages And Food Riots Are Coming

Michael Snyder Prisonplanet.com Sept 7, 2012 A devastating global food crisis unlike anything we have ever seen in modern times is coming. Crippling drought and bizarre weather patterns have damaged food production all over the world this summer, and the UN and the World Bank have both issued ominous warnings about the food inflation that.

April 7

How “Crazy Survivalists” Make The World A Better Place

Original article written by Brandon Smith. http://www.alt-market.com/articles/1019-how-crazy-survivalistsq-make-the-world-a-better-place Reproduced with the written permission of the author. Many thanks!! — Muskrat Jim     I was recently interviewed by a journalist for a local newspaper who was developing a story on the exponential rise of the “prepper lifestyle” in America, most especially in Western Montana.  Being an outsider to the Liberty Movement,.

April 7

Wound Care In The Wild

I was leafing through an old Field & Stream magazine from 1993 and found a useful article I’d like to share with you. It was called Wound Care In The Wild and was written by Jeffrey Issac. The advice he gives is simple yet sensible. His article ends with the contents of a First-Aid Kit we should carry.