April 7

Personal Survival Kit

Hello, and welcome to the Muskrat Survival blog. In this series, we’ll explore simple tools and techniques, which will increase your confidence and reduce your level of stress and anxiety in a potential survival situation. In an age of increasing natural disasters like: – hurricane Katrina in 2005; – tornadoes in Geraldton, Ontario in 2011; – earthquake in Haiti in  2010; –.

March 25

My Three Methods of Getting Drinking Water From Snow

Hello YouTubers! This is Muskrat Jim, and today I want to talk about my three favourite ways to convert clean snow into drinking water. One of the things I like about winter in Canada is that we get LOTS of snow! This means that drinking water is abundant, you only need to know how to.

March 25

Bushcraft vs. Survival – The Importance of Fire

Hello blog readers! Muskrat Jim here, and today I’d like to talk about the difference between Bushcraft and Survival. Specifically, about the importance of fire. I think we’ve all made fires with a magnifying glass on a bright sunny day when we were kids. I remember melting crayons, burning grasshoppers and melting those green plastic.

March 25

Avoiding Injuries in the Wilderness

An injury out in the back-country can be anything from a minor inconvenience to a serious life-threatening situation. Even if it is only minor, it can still ruin your day. So carry a First-Aid Kit to treat common outdoor ailments, such as: – Cuts – Scrapes – Burns – Blisters – Insect Bites Learn how.